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Videography & Editing

Experience a diverse range of videos tailored for businesses, high-tech companies, musicians, events, and more, showcasing my expertise in visually engaging storytelling on my portfolio video page.

Bar Cohen
behind the scenes

Discover the magic behind Bar Cohen's lens in this captivating behind-the-scenes promotional video: Step into the world of wedding and business photography as Cohen unveils her unique perspective, capturing heartfelt moments and timeless memories with artistry and expertise.


Step into the immersive world of the Maersk conference in Tel Aviv, as I skillfully video-graphed and edited the footage. It was a great experience and a true honor to be a part of Maersk Day, witnessing the collaborative spirit of the attendees and facilitating meaningful networking opportunities.


Experience Playtica's three-day analysts professional conference in the picturesque setting of the Golan Heights, located in northern Israel. As the videographer and curator, I had the honor of documenting the event, bringing viewers into the immersive atmosphere, and facilitating meaningful connections among participants. It was a remarkable opportunity to witness the collaborative spirit of analysts, as they shared knowledge and fostered networking amidst the stunning backdrop of the Golan Heights.


Discover Seco, a dynamic lifestyle business othat I've had the pleasure of collaborating with since its early days in the market. As the videographer and curator, I had the honor of creating their promotional video, capturing the essence of their brand and highlighting their distinct offerings. It's been an incredible experience witnessing Seco's growth and success as they bring their vision to fruition, leaving a lasting impression on their valued customers.

DS - Lubinski

I had the amazing opportunity to film a special event for the DS car company. They introduced their new car to customers at the beautiful Tulip Winery. The event was a mix of great music, delicious food, wine, and even a talk by a top car designer from Israel. I captured all these exciting moments in a video that showcases the elegance and excitement of the event.

Heznek La'Atid

Experience the power of change in my new video for "Heznek La'Atid" association. Hear from program graduates as they talk about how the association helped them go from the sidelines to success. Their stories show how "Heznek La'Atid" has guided them to education and great careers.


Immerse yourself in the insightful world of Mobilion company's conference, held against the breathtaking backdrop of the Golan Heights in northern Israel. As the videographer and curator, I had the privilege of capturing the event's essence, transporting viewers into an immersive atmosphere where meaningful connections were forged and knowledge was shared, showcasing the collaborative spirit that defines Mobilion's conference experience.

social media promotional

I specialize in creating captivating social media promotional videos that leave a lasting impression and boost your brand presence. With my expertise in storytelling, videography, and editing, let's collaborate to bring your brand to life through engaging visuals and compelling narratives in the digital world.

Dana Braids

Step into the world of Dana Braids, a talented hair designer, as I had the opportunity to collaborate with her in creating a comprehensive video course on hair design.  I meticulously crafted a series of instructional videos that showcase Dana's expertise and guide aspiring hairstylists through the art of braiding. It was a fulfilling experience to work with Dana, capturing her passion and skills, and empowering others to master the art of hair design through this captivating video course.


Experience the extraordinary craftsmanship of Merav Jewel, a skilled jewellery designer, as we collaborated on a captivating fashion video. This mesmerizing video showcases Merav's master's degree project at Shenkar College, where she showcased her exceptional talent by creating exquisite jewellery pieces using unconventional materials such as beet and kohlrabi. Immerse yourself in the visually stunning journey of Merav's vegetable-inspired jewellery, redefining the boundaries of creativity and fashion.


Embark on a personal journey as I poured my heart into creating a movie during the Covid lockdown. This heartfelt film intimately portrays my own range of emotions, moments of self-reflection, and unwavering resilience amidst the challenging circumstances. It offers an authentic glimpse into my own experiences and captures the essence of the human spirit's ability to endure and find hope in difficult times.

Shelly Peled Surrender

Shelly Peled is a singer, songwriter & performer based in Tel Aviv. The music that she makes with her partner and co-producer, Alon Peled, combines dark themes, addictive melodies, personal lyrics and a charismatic voice that create a unique and personal sound in today’s alt-pop.

Afek Ben Yishay

Introducing Afek Ben Yishay, an Israeli indie musician whose talent and creativity shine in his captivating song "A Matter of Habit." It was a privilege for me to create a visually stunning video that accompanies the soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics of his music. Dive into a mesmerizing audio-visual experience as the video brings to life the essence of Afek's song, showcasing his artistry and leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Daniel Sun
"Light" - Live Session

Live session clip for the song "Light" by Daniel San Kriaf, a talented Israeli artist, singer, and musician. Immerse yourself in this captivating performance as Daniel showcases his musical prowess, delivering a memorable rendition of the song with heartfelt passion and energy.

Yasmin Dabush
"Gone Thoughts"

Experience the heartfelt music clip for the song "Gone Toughts" by Yasmin Dabush, an Israeli artist, singer, and musician. Through soothing lyrics, Yasmin beautifully expresses the calming effect of a special connection, reminding us to let go of fears, breathe, and embrace the warmth and freedom that comes with being ourselves. The enchanting melodies transport us to a world where time stands still and thoughts fade away, allowing us to rediscover forgotten dreams and experience a sense of liberation.

Style & Weddings Magazine
Woodstock production

Discover the captivating clip I created for Style & Weddings magazine, featuring the Woodstock fashion production. Immerse yourself in the world of fashion as this video showcases the unique and stylish outfits inspired by the iconic Woodstock era. Experience the vibrant energy and creativity of this fashion production, bringing a touch of nostalgia and free-spirited vibes to the modern-day runway.

Shelly Peled
"one last time"

A music clip I made for singer Shelly Peled during the Covid lockdown when traditional shooting wasn't possible. Using the "Zoom" app, I creatively crafted the entire clip, showcasing Shelly's talent in a fresh and innovative way. Join us on this special journey as we demonstrate that even in challenging times, creativity can thrive and captivate audiences.

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