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Hi, I'm Karni,
I am a photographer and video editor.

Ever since I can remember myself, I have a camera in my hands, going about documenting my daily life through my own, unique, point of view.
I love everything about photography, especially the fact that I can capture a certain moment in time,
making it last forever and ever, exactly the way I saw it.

I am passionate about what I do, mainly because either still or video photography can contain within itself a range of emotions, an atmosphere
and a certain truth about the person and people I am capturing.
Together we can sit down, brainstorm and come up with a vision for what message or product you are searching for. Be it a video clip, or a set of images that will market you in the most real and correct way for you. I do what I do with what I believe to be a cool and different pace, with the goal that your finished product will catch the eye of the beholder, whether it's a personal photo to put in your public or private album.

Can't wait to work with you :)

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